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MasterBuilder is an open-world sandbox build 'n' smash experience for all ages.

To become MasterBuilder you need to acquire all the master artifacts that you find in the world. Build anything your imagination can produce and reach new heights. It allows creative thinking, exploration, adventure, and good exercise since it utilizes most of VRs physical capabilities. Artifacts allow you to gather resources, craft blocks, and helpful objects. Have fun smashing, flying, teleporting, and easy building with a master wand and other artifacts.

Unlike many similar VR games available for a standalone device MasterBuilder offers an organic world with a free-form building system and its physicalities. It is built to be played on standalone Oculus Quest devices ( no link needed ), standing or seated.

The game is available as early access on Quest devices, and we plan to keep adding more features in the coming time. The pre-release game is fully playable with one single open-world island, basic resources, and five main master tools with fully customizable characters. Create your world, enjoy a relaxing environment, and have some creative time.

MasterBuilder is still in its early stage of development and the VR pre-release is the first part of the MasterBuilderVerse. Soon the first 2D NFT representations of the MasterBuilders will be available, as we want to create a sustainable community that can benefit from playing the game. Help us on the way, be a part of the community and let's build a greater world.

Description - The game now has 3 main goals:

1) Building: Freeform and physical building system allows you to use resources and special tools to build whatever your imagination wants to. 2) Smashing: This allows players to fully enjoy the physics of smashing in one of a kind experience for standalone VR devices. 3) Adventuring: Customize your avatar, explore the island, find all the artifacts, climb, fly, teleport, and more to ultimately become the MasterBuilder.

In addition, you will also find: • Crafting - Try combining resources and see what you get • Magic - Some of your tools have magic-like abilities • Relaxing and calm environment

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